Copyright, Cheryl

To smile to laugh is all very fine
But what if you feel your losing your mind?
You stand and feel that you don’t belong
Wondering how life could have gone so wrong

You wanted to escape a life of blame
So instead you inflict continuous pain
It’s an addiction that controls your life
You never thought that when you picked up the knife

To feel that life is utterly drastic
Yet yearn for it to be completely fantastic.
The comments and stares are hard to bear
Deep down inside you know that others do care.

The pain gets too much for you to cope
Suddenly you find you’ve given up hope.
Another cut, another scar
One day you will find you’ve cut too far!

My Funeral

Copyright, Cheryl

the death of a soul out in the open for all to see
a slideshow of all the forgotten memories
from somewhere above, i watch the tear-streaked faces
invisibly watching from unknown places
mourning is the only sound and all the clothes are black
this is my revenge for stabbing me in the back
i hope you cry about it and i drive you up a wall
because sending you to my funeral was the best vengence of all


Copyright, Cheryl

i wish to fade away and for death to consume me
because i’m scared and death is all i can see
i’ve lost my sanity and all i have is fear
i cry til i cannot breathe and hope redemption is near
i drop the razor on the redenned floor
relief comes i thought of depression no more
body covered in blood, my sold is turning black
lips are turning blue and there is no turning back

Hidden Tears

Copyright, Cheryl

her tears fall silently to the ground
she cries out for help but cant make a sound
pleas of desperation are all swept aside
pushed back into the pain, she is forced to hide
with nowhere to turn, she confides in the emptiness
she screams when alone, the only time she’s will to confess
her innermost thoughts lie unseen in a notebook
ashamed of her fear, never allowing anyone to look

My Only Comfort

Copyright, Cheryl

i’ve lost self control, resorting to a blade
watching crimson tears ooze fromt he marks i’ve made
with nowhere to turn, this is my last resort
watching myself bleed is my only comfort

No One Left

Copyright, Cheryl

familiar waves of sadness come over me
tears impair my vision and i can not see
i feel like a burden on the ones who i am “loved” by
i cant sleep tonight and i know the reason why
i am drifting away from the people i love
drowning beneath the surface and normality is above


Copyright, Cheryl

the words blur together
my thoughts are unclear
still have no joy
drowning in fear
this world cannot contain me, or the pain i feel
this death i’ve come to realize, its not real

You’re a Liar

Copyright, Cheryl

all the things you said to me, echo in my head
the only sound for miles is tears hitting my bed
this is the longest i think i’ve ever cried
all feelings of hope have just died

This Can’t Be Real

Copyright, Cheryl

drowning in my own tears
all thats left of me is my fears
i’ve lost control of my screams
bound forever in a sleepless dream

Going Somewhere Better

Copyright, Cheryl

pools of blood cover the floor
she walks bravely out the door
onto somewhere thats new
out to the place where angels flew
all thats left is her body, her spirit is gone
her souls gone somewhere better, its moved on
shes melted all her loved ones down to tears
buts shes gone somewhere where she has no fears

River of Deceipt

Copyright, Cheryl

the pain like walls surround me, the fear is closing in
somehow after all these years i know i still cant win
flailing violently in an attempt to survive
the struggle is forcing me to admit i lied

Exposing the Truth

Copyright, Cheryl

the monster inside of me
always struggling to be free
i try to hide the inner evil
i’ve learned, this evil i cannot kill
in a panic, i resort to pain
my attempts to breakaway were all in vain
the wound bleeds like a waterfall
my act of happiness, i lost it all
my blood pours out and mixes with tears
i sigh in relief because i know an end to this is near
my sould pours out of my like words from this pen
i will never write of pain after this again


Copyright, Cheryl

abandoned, alone, and left to die
i wonder how long i can cry
so cold i wish to see through anothers eyes
this river of tears will not run dry
life escapes me in my last gulp for air
i only wished that someone had cared
when you see me dead i hope you heart does tear
supposedly one of my friends, although never there
my soul is lifted and i finally feel free
because now i am with someone who loves me

Wonderful Secret

Copyright, Cheryl

for the first time in my life, i finally feel free
releiving stress and cutting out the pain in me
seeing the blood is my quick-fix remedy
even after all the tears, they still dont see
carving out the words i’ve never said:
i’m sorry. please help me. my soul is dead.
watching all my emotions pour out in red
i gave up my battles when i lost my head

Ever So Silently

Copyright, Cheryl

cuts carved into her arm like skate trails on an ice rink
puddles of red form around her and drip into the sink
she cries crimson tears ever so silently
she screams even though no ones there to hear her last plea

she cries, she bleeds
ever so silently
she dies, she weeps
ever so silently

as she takes her last breath
in comes the black angel called death
she is lifted up on unknown wings
happiness comes as her guardian angel sings…

she smiles, she dreams
ever so silently
she waits, she escapes
ever so silently


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