Crying Heart

Copyright, Crying Heart


iv cried so many tears
choked on sobs
nothing left to cry

iv shouted
screamed unitl my throat stings dry
nothing left to cry

iv slit
into my own skin
until i see blood
no more blood to spill

nothing left to cry
no more words to cry
no more blood to spill
im empty


tearing me apart
isolation, its killing me
No contact, no one cares
No one asks, no one would understand
No one
Im alone, just me agaisnt the world
Can i take it on?
Can i carry on?
Coz im cold and shivering with hate and anger
My misery and pain onto those that know me
Now my heart’s empty


in my mind
Trapped in my web
of unanswered questions
No escape
From hurtfull thoughts
flooding my head
i try and stop them
but it only incourages them

Pouring into my mind
I close my eyes
Cover my ears
But still
Theres no escape
They follow me constanly
Around in my head

Running i try and hide
But im breathless
Still they keep on coming
Tearing me apart
one by one
Painfull images rip my heart
Thats sore,bleeding and battered
Cant take much more
The only way out of this tangled maze
Is quite simple
I dont like quitters but…


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