Last Ones

Copyright Cheryll

One last drag off my cigarrete
one last bleeding cut
one last couple of pills
one last beating of this aching heart
I plead for my last breath…

One last look at this lonely room
one last angry feeling
one last tear that will last forever
for anyone to remember me by…

One last sound of angry screaming
one last hope for life
one last single broken dream
that will forever remain in me…

One last time of running my fingers through my hair
one last minute of desperation
one last appreciative moment to the things that mattered
until the end of my road…

One last look at this long journey
one last barefoot step on broken glass
one last half smile from my now quiet lips
as I start to vanish…

One last blurry image
one last fading whisper
one last second of life
and the end can begin to take me away…


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