Courtney S

Where She Lies

Copyright Courtney S

She hides in her room
Under her covers
That’s her only place
A place where she can be happy
A place where she can bleed
A place where she can lie
A place where she be alone
Where no one can bother her
A place where she can die

All I wished for was for you to say goodbye

Copyright Courtney S

I see him in the hall each day
He’s everything I expected him to be
He’s the best thing for me
We have the best brother and sister
Anyone could ask for

Then one day, it happened
His brother didn’t show up for school
My sister was worried, she couldn’t believe it
I asked her if she’d be okay, she said
“Yes. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.”
I didn’t see her later that day
I thought she was fine
My friend ran up and told me,
“She had a seziure.”
I fell to the floor
Pounded my fists
I couldn’t believe it
I told my boyfriend, neither could he

I ran home to cry in my own room
I hid my true feelings from my mom
Behind what people think is really me,
I saw my knife
I couldn’t believe what I was gonna do
The blade scraped across my wrist
My whole world went black
as red tears formed and ran from my wound
As I saved my last words,
I relesed my last breath,
I said,
“All I wished for was for you to say goodbye.”


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