The Vixen Blade

Copyright Courtney

As I slip slowly into insanity I hear the sirens sweet song.
She’s calling to me, begging me to feel her intoxicating touch.
She glimmers as I slowly run her across my delicate skin.
My body gives into her power, I’m weak against her beauty.
And as the crimson river flows she yearns to bury herself deeper and deeper into my soul.
She knows all; I can conceal nothing from her intense gaze.
My body longs for her sweet touch.
Her kiss of steel cleanses the poison that flows through my veins.
When we part I wait longingly in anticipation of our next glorious meeting!

Hunger Pains

Copyright, Courtney

I am sixteen. I have been cutting on and off for three years. If you need to talk or anything please add me at (MSN).

My body is growling
For a cure for this feeling
This emptiness inside of me
That only one thing can fill
My wrist is dripping
My lips are glistening
And I watch and wait
To be fulfilled
One more cut
Once more I bleed
All to fulfill
The hunger inside me
The need in me
For pain

I Can’t Get Out

Copyright, Courtney

I can’t get out i’m in too deep
I hear the crying all around
I’m in shock that it has come to this
I can’t get out
I hear you say it’ll be alright
I can’t say i feel the same
I can feel the blood start to pour
I can’t get out
I feel cold and i can’t see straight
The room is spinning
I see red everywhere
I can’t get out
I’ve worked so hard to be what I am
It’s slowly starting to dwindel
Everything I see is making me feel small
I can’t get out
I’m feeling weak I can’t move
The pain is leaving me now
I see a light
I’m ready to leave
I’m getting out
I can’t get out
I’m feeling


Copyright, Courtney

why me ? why this ? why ruin a state of bliss ?
why run ? why hide ? why do you confuse my mind ?


Copyright, Courtney

Feeling lost and alone, cold and withdrawn as I sat in my room doing the harm I do when i’m sad. I don’t want to die, just sit here and cry, time will heel the pain I feel as I sit back and sigh.

No one knows how I feel, no one knows what I do I just sit there and do it till I am black and blue.


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