Crimson Rivulets


Copyright, Crimson Rivulets

In a single moment; a single drop of blood
I’m freed from all my pain and it feels like enough
No one understands me; they look but never see
What the scars may show, how it feels when I bleed
I pull my sleeve back; he recoils and stares
He sees the cuts but it’s like he couldn’t care
And as my tears fall down, I slit open my skin
Bleeding out the feelings I have always kept within
They tell me I should stop, I tell them it’s my choice
Who would ever realize that blood was my voice?
Would she ever notice the web of red lines?
I paste a smile to my face; they all think I’m fine
And when I gasp in pain, it frees me from my tears
Frees me from my doubts, my past; my fears
‘Cause I’m the worst thing that ever happened to me
But when I hurt myself, I’ve never felt so free

Strawberry Gashes

Copyright, Crimson Rivulets

the stinging pain; it hurts
the tears slide down my cheeks
i feel like such a failure
i feel so god damn weak
you catch me as i fall
your arms; i fall right through
i pick up the razor
its the only thing to do
my smile is a mask
my eyes are filled with tears
will all this blood and pain
hide me from my fears?
i draw in my breath
the cut; it starts to bleed
they think i have to quit
but this is what i need
i shudder with despair
they say that i must stop
as they glance at pale white skin
with strawberry gashes on top


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