Canehdian Chick

I Need You

Copyright, Canehdian Chick

I made some cuts, they went too deep
This secret I just cannot keep
I went to bed, I closed my eyes
Saw demons that I couldn’t hide
I don’t know how I got this way
But depressed and sad I cannot stay
I regret today with all my heart
I just wish we could go back to the start
The scars I will carry for life inside
May not be worse than the ones I can’t hide
Please just try and understand
I don’t want your pity; all I need is a hand


Copyright, Canehdian Chick

punish yourself, not them
make yourself pay, not them
let yourself know you’re a loser, not them
tell yourself you’re worthless, not them
make it hurt you know you deserve it,not them
feel the sting of the bruises you inflict on yourself, not them
but who are you keeping this from? not them
who are these scars benefiting? not them
who can help you when you lock up your heart? not them
when all is said and done who will be there to ease the pain? them
when you realize you need help who will hold you? them
when you just need to talk it all out who will stay up with you? them
so who are you scared of showing the truth to? them
who are you gonna run to if they leave you?… nobody


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