Copyright, Katy


I wrote this poem because I can’t stand the way my life is anymore and I want to end it, I’m sure a lot of you feel this way maybe it can help, you’re not alone, any of you have been raped or abused I feel your pain, if you want to contact me, email me.

I woke up today feeling so much Pain
Im so numb I can feel it in my veins

I have to go threw another pointless day
so I can just get stepped on… but what can I say?

A person as depressed as I doesnt deserve to live
I have nothing to give

No future or anything to come
Where can I get happieness from?

I just cant stand my past
why do these memories last

I hate the people for doing this to me
did I deserve what ive been threw?

This knife can end it all
Cant go another day

I go now to see my dad, live my life free with out all this pain


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