KC McLean

Copyright, KC McLean

…At Least the Scars Don’t Cover My Face

Spiders spin a web of silver grace
Nothing will ever take her place
Everything you see will always die
Every word she said was just a lie
Blood is nothing if you are dead
Her face was scarred from the tears she shed
You can’t express yourself if your mind is shut
The gashes are memories from where she cut
Sadness and pain will eat at your brain
She couldn’t control it, it drove her insane
A casket is nothing but a bed of rest
Her obsession got worse although she tried her best
Parents are supposed to love and support
This child’s parents did nothing of the sort
Love is something that goes only so far
She was shunned from her peers, now theres another scar
Friends are people who actually care
The children made fun of her, no surprise there
When nightmares become reality, it often makes you weaker
The pain got worse, the razors dug deeper
When one is scarred badly they are hard to find
No one knew her problem, no one knew her pain inside
When someone beats you, they leave you sore
She knew it wouldn’t stop, she couldn’t take it anymore
When do you really expect to receive an answer from Christ
She took out her tool, where would she slice
When you cannot stand, where do you sit
She gasped as the blade dug into her wrist
When there is no fire, how can it smother
She started to cry as she started on the other
How much of a rush can mutilation actually send
She lie on the floor and for once, grinned
A mental escape can make you happy for awhile
The grin grew bigger it turned into a smile
What does it feel like to take your last breath
She was overcome with laughter as she bled to her death
When someone dies, the memories are saved
I do this now as I stare at her grave
In a situation like this you can’t blame or cry
This is how I will win the fight…


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