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I look at my arm
See my wounds, see my scars
Don’t know how I could
Take a knife cut myself
Make it bleed

I want to cry
But sometimes,
I don’t know why
I have no tears
I can’t get my feelings out
But still I have them all inside
So I grab a knife,
Little cut at first no blood
I take the razor and cut again
It starts to bleed

It bleeds too much I can’t let it stop
The warm blood runs down my arm
Like little rivers
I can’t call anyone
Talk to anyone
No one would understand my pain
Or the love for you that runs in my vanes
I need you by my side
I want to make things right

But now it’s too late
I don’t have the time to wait
I can feel the life fade away
And I know that today is the day
The day I finally get away
From all this trouble
And all this pain

The little rivers have got bigger
My eyes are so full of tears
I can’t see anymore
But I feel


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