Copyright, Kelc

She closes her eyes,
for she wishes to hide
all the forbidden emotions inside
The feeling of hope
the feeling of trust
the feeling of loving another so much
The feeling of joy
the feeling of pride
the feeling of lust in anothers eyes.

She has locked them deep inside her heart…knowing some day she will part
To leave this earth and all its pain..
Until this dreaded day arrives,
she will mark her body with cuts and slashes
the longer she waits, the deeper they get..

and one day she might jus push the blade a lil to fast a lil to deep
she will not weep when the blood appears
Yet close her eyes and confirm their fears…


Copyright, Kelc

I wish I wouldn’t of made that promise
I wish I could of kept it
But such a promise, became the biggest mistake
either had made.
She would cry, and inside die.
He would snap, but talk all crap,
as if he wanted to hurt her more.
She felt as though
there was no other way,
no turning back, no last goodbyes
For in her eyes, he was already gone

The Mirror

Copyright, Kelc

Looking in the mirror,
and what does one see?
Such a pretty face looking back at me.
Bright green eyes and soft brown hair
but deep inside she does not care
what people might think.
For late at night,
when one’s asleep;
she is awake and softly weeps
For the promise she cannot keep.


Copyright, Kelc

She closes her eyes,
and tries to hide;
The truth…
from all those who think they can see
deep in her heart, where her secrets may be
she pushes away the help, the words, the love;
and all that remains is empty space
and in that space, secrets are born.
Not always good,
yet not always bad;
but in the end… always turn out sad
sad for her, sad for me
and sad for everyone who may be
trying to see the secrets

If they were to push to hard,
she might just fall
and in the end,
she’d win afterall;
which was infact…
the biggest secret of all.


Copyright, Kelc

I sit here and watch as my eyes change from there natural hue,
they go from their natural greeny blue
to such a color as i cannot place
as I let the tears fall down my face

I watch the person staring back at me,
and pray in my heart that they will not see;
the real me;
The me, who weeps inside
The me, who tries to hide,
her feelings from all her friends and foe
But even in her heart, she knows
its hopeless.


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