My Love, My Despair

Copyright Kait

My head is throbbing
My heart is pounding
My hands are shaking
When will this end?

You are always here
Punishing me for sins unknown
Not letting me be normal
Attacking my weakened mind

How can something this small
Keep me from being happy?
But I need you
And I never want to let you go

The pain is so addicting
I need it to survive
But the one I love
Will be my downfall

The light reflects off your surface
As you lay yourself on my arm
Slowly you crawl across my skin
And release the pain hiding inside

Ruby-colored ribbons glide to my hand
As you once again pierce my soul
I let you control me
And end the pain within

How could I let you do this?
I tried to turn away
But you are too strong
It is too late to go back

What have I done?


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