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Have you ever had one of those days when you look in the mirror and you feel like the world has ended and your left all alone and empty inside? You can’t breathe you feel your knees getting weak you can’t think everything is confusing, your heart is aching your nails are breaking the only way to make the pain subside is to take out the razorblade and cut to the side of your wrist cause you feel like shit! Nothing you do is fine so they complain and I cry! The blood is dripping on the floor and once it stops you feel a little better but the razorblades will never go away the scars will never fade they will remind you everyday of the mistakes you made the things you could have changed but didn’t so it all ended up to this you tried to stop but couldn’t it was so hard the blade was right there at your wrist just waiting to slice just once or twice another cut won’t hurt but the next day it does you can’t change what has already happened your life has ended up to this? All this mess you can get therapy or talk to someone is what the inner voice inside you says your troubles aren’t that bad but they are! No one understands the only thing that helps is the razorblade but one day it’s not enough then your mom walks in the bathroom and sees how bad it got terrible screams and crying she didn’t think you were dying but you did cuz you couldn’t handle the pain you felt inside! So you ended it all no more, crys, troubles, cuts, blades, screams, yells, anger, all that you felt is gone you’re in peace but now you left other people in pain and sad and anger! but you don’t care cuz you’re better off now! Your parents go into your room and find all the blades, your diaries, pictures everything they didn’t know how much pain and anger you felt they didn’t know why you did all you did they thought you were just fine so the next time you pick up a blade remember the scars never fade!


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