Copyright, Kacy

Falling Apart

I’m falling apart
My life
I can’t put together
The scars are forever
And the cuts are deeper
Why am I doing this?
I’m lost inside
The maze of my mind
I may never be found
Help me
The darkness is overtaking
I’m suffocationg
I’m falling apart
The pieces of my life
No longer fit
There’s no hope


My eyes tear blood
My arms speak of lost hope

I stumble my last steps
And take my last breth

How did I get to this point
Where I’m more afraid
of life
then death

As I fall to my knees
The knife falls free
As do I
Into my sea
Of red tears

I think of you
This is not your fault
I just couldn’t
Seem to be

I was lost, gone to far
I’m sorry
I couldn’t live
For you nor me


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