Scars then Tears

Copyright, Kristina

The pain is better when it is on my arm then my mind.
The pain in my arm will go away the pain in my mind wont.
I want to bleed then lose my mind.
I want scars then tears.
Red is better then black.
Blood is better then being alone in the dark.
That is why I have so many scars then tears.


Copyright, Kristina

You hear but you don’t listen
You look but you don’t see
You will never see these scars I hide within me
The pain I go through
You will never know that too
I tell you everything is great
When I am actually on the edge of evil and hate
Destroying myself instead of others
It is my release
The pain makes everything out
Everything no one would listen to or see
It hides within me
Now you want to listen
Now you want to see
When this blade has already made me bleed
Too many times and too many nights
It s too late now
Look at what you could have stopped
All you had to do was pretend to care and be there
You just looked the other way
Pretending it wasn’t there
Look at these cuts
Do you think they hurt?
Your betrayal was worse
As you looked away
You turned the knife in my back
And left me in the dark
Hoping this blade wouldn’t make another mark
Just turn back around
Bring back the light and hope
Listen and see
And pull this knife out of me
Talk to me
Have the words to say to make it all go away
And make me feel better
Like it was yesterday
When nothing happened to me
It is all in our head
So lets turn back time
And retrace the steps
Like we forget
So bring back the light to me
And make it how it used to be


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