Copyright, Kitiee


I’m gonna Slit your throat.
Watch you bleed,
Enjoy every drop that I see.
I lean over and taste the flesh,
I’ll enjoy the gory mess.
Place my hands in the blood,
It appears to be a crimson flood.
I want to swim in the bloody sea,
People are scared of the evil seen,
To them it seems I am mean.
This punishment is well deserved,
As I place my hand down your curves.
I wonder how much did it hurt?
Was the pain much too intense?
Was it worth this horrid mess?
Was it worth all the scared looks?
Was this a big step that I took?
IM scared now as much as he, maybe even more you see.
Terrified of what they thought,
This is why I made this big ass cut.
To prove my anger and my pain.
Its not worth all these bruised vain.


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