Things Inside

Copyright Kit

Make it go away, just go away.
I won t let it out, but it wants to play.
This things inside has caused much harm,
As you can see on my legs and arm.

When will it let me be?
When will it get free?
Can this all be an end?
Or will it just hurt me again?

Scars on my body, trying to contain the fears,
Letting my pain show through all these years.
Why would it hurt you when it could hurt me?
You scream with fear is why it wants to be free.

The thing inside always seems to grow.
It s more fearful for me, I know.
You never see the true power or what s inside.
You may see me cower, it, I m trying to hide.

It is harsh as you can see.
It hurts, tortures, and wants to be free.
If all were to die would it be happy?
Not at all, Hell is just as crappy.

Why would such a thing be inside of me?
I don t know, but it still wants to be free.
Night and day it sits and waits,
For the final day I break.

How ‘It’ Feeds

Copyright Kit

Part two of ‘Things Inside’.

Here I sit
While that thing inside,
Starts to brew
From what I’ve tried to hide.

It hurts to think
And is hard to live
From what it wants
And what I have to give.

It lives off of pain
So I give it my blood,
And it settles down
Until the flood

Emotions run free
And it lives again.
I can only sit back
With my pretend grin.

As it runs down my arm,
The river of red
Pain bringing it down,
I feel light in the head.

As the shadows close in,
I hear its laughter fading.
I realize I’ve lost again,
It feels so degrading.

More to the Story

Copyright Kit

Part three of ‘Things Inside’.

The scars I hide
Are a lot to bare.
Always Seen.
Always There.

Only a few know
Why they’re there
Yet they don’t understand
The exstent of the fear,

That is held in my heart
That I will loose control
And it will destroy
All that I know

It wishes to kill
Those who are close.
So it gave me a choice,
And I play its host.

I give it my pain
Instead of my friends
Hoping that someday
It will all end.


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