Copyright, Kat

She looked at me through her unseen eyes,
Like stone they were but you could see her crys,
Silent she was but you could see inside,
She was screaming, wanting to die,
Alone she was with her knifes and blades,
She wanted to feel but nothing to her was real,
The pain she could not feel,
The blood she could only see,
It was like a dream,
There was no reality,
She sat alone, crying, bleeding, dying,
Until she gave in, she could not go on,
She was gone.

Don’t Cut

Copyright, Kat

My insides ache
Excruciating pain
Feels like I’ve cut
My insides again.

Crawling in my skin
Trying to flee
Running through the river
Flowing inside of me.

The concrete has set
Like the dark cloud above
Pushing me down
Creating this love.

Finally my skin
Breaks from my grasp
The edges tear open
Eluding my past.

My sorrows set free
By the tiny red tears
Hoping in silence
To be released of those years.

The screaming subsides
Turns into sobs
Leaving the horror
But only a temporary job.

So when it returns
You know what to do
Don’t cut your arms
It only hurts you.

How Low Can You Go?

Copyright, Kat

Slash your wrist,
Make a hole,
Deep words,
No soul.

Hollow your heart,
Engrave your name,
Stitch it up,
It’s not the same.

Save your blood,
Bottle it up,
Drink it all,
From your cup.

Fill the holes,
With your pain,
Lose it all,
Nothing to gain.

Deep wounds,
Never heal,
True pain,
Very real.


Copyright, Kat

These scars I have
merely memories of old
I want to stop
but its taking hold
the voice in my head
says u need to keep
the pain on my wrists
are oh so deep
never hit a vein
but want to soon
have you ever seen
what they call the blood moon?
the first time I cut
I cried and cried
until I realized
the blood had dried
picking at scabs
feeling a release from pain
wait here I go
I’ve cut a vein


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