Raped by God

Copyright, Ksenon

Killing god, in all forms.
taking back wat is mine.
stripped and beaten to a cross.
pillaged fucked and raped by God.

Forced love, forced lies, never forget
u will pay forever indebt.
Misleading lies faith , blind.
die by human consumption.

from my window i look out,
the sun trickles thru the trees,
making its way to my window,
psychotic dreams, sickening thoughts.

opening up, falling out,
free falling, thru the Sun,
burning my ties,
psychotic dreams, sickening thoughts.

Swimming, sinking, scolding,
Decaying, forming, folding.

house of the Gods,
established destruction.

Hatred of God

Copyright, Ksenon

forever, strong, forever, indebted,
infinte killings, Infinite hate.
since birth i never knew why.

search,recieve, review,unforgiven life 2 late.
since birth i wanted 2 die.

in a field,
starring up at the clouds,
i fall back to earth,
crucifix held in one hand,
the other held high in the sky, with a bird.

My collection of snakes, come toward me.
together we will judge god.
togther we will die.

Hatred Of God


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