Telling Him

Copyright Katte

It was hidden,but not very well
and from all the pain it caused her
she knew she had to tell
yet when the time arose
her body froze
wondering now what to say
Thinking what would become of this day?
Would it bring them closer
or tear them apart
for she could not bear to lose him
she loved him with all her heart

The Question

Copyright Katte

She begs him
as her eyes begin to tear
His reply is no
while his body trembles with fear
but she keeps asking again and again
his answer does not change
yet he hesitates now and then
he holds her tight as she begins to cry
Yet the only thought in her head is Why, Why, Why?
Why do I have to suffer and make him feel this way?
Why does he wipe away my tears every single day?
though she may not know the answer and probably never will
the one thing she does know
Is that she will always love him…
To this day still


Copyright Katte

Her eyes close as she takes a deep breathe
Putting it closer and closer to her skin
The cut is deep but yet still thin
The blood begins to spill dripping down her arm
everytime she does it she feels it brings her no harm
it calms her down the way nothing has before
and everytime it happens she wants it a little more
For the scars will always be there to remind of how it felt
and the day she realized she finally needed help


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