Katie C

Fucked Up

Copyright Katie C

I’ve gone back
to how I am
I’ve gone back
to my world of damned

Not fit to live
confussion stricken
depression fed
body sicken

cut the arm
starve the body
darken dreams
world so bloody

my fucked up world
in my my fucked up head
my fucked up dreams
that leave you fucken dead

It’s all fucked up
like the world we know
my little fucked up world
is just a little more fucked up though


Copyright Katie C

Cuts to deep
will not heal
put the mask on
hide what I feel

Everythins okay
on the outside
alone in this world
in myself confide

blood drips down
scars here to stay
sonner or later
I won’t be in the way

blood still flows
no band-aid will cover
the wrist cut open
of this broken heart lover

Fall to the ground
I lay still
read my arm
the arm reads kill


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