Copyright, Kristeen

I lie here in my bed wishing I was dead. Every breath I have to take is a harder one to make. I wonder how long it will be before I give up completly. I think of running, I think of pills, I think of knives and the thrills. I want it over, I’m ready now. I’m going to go, but when and how?

Blood-painted Walls

Copyright, Kristeen

Blood-painted walls
stained with lies,
it drips with my pain
and leaks with my pride.
Cut past the skin
and reveal what’s inside,
then stitch back the past
and prepare for more.
Resist the temptation,
shed my tears;
Hide the scars of hatred
and pretend to smile again.

Free Me

Copyright, Kristeen

I can’t stand this feeling inside,
All I wanna do is hide.
Don’t want to face my fears,
But I just can’t stop these tears.
The knife can free me from my pain,
But at the same time it’s trying to makes me insane.
how to change these fellings? i do not no,
they make me fell so low.
but time will tell,
my depression will sell,
and the knife will free me!


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