The Pain Inside

Copyright Kyla

all day and all night
nothing but pain
i say im alright
but think im insane

twenty-four hours a day
nothing but hurt
it sounds so cliche
but i need some comfort

and that comforts the knife
so glistening and smooth
sometimes i hate life
only one thing can soothe

i cry every time
for the pain inside not out
i feel at my prime
its what my whole days about

the lines bleeding and red
new scars i’ll have to hide
just remember what ive said
the pain is worse inside

Two Kinds of Tears

Copyright Kyla

the salty tears
dripping down my cheeks
the drops
that so perfectly match
the deep red ones
both show the pain
and the hate
both so perfect
slowly running down my skin
both so beautiful
putting a grain of something good
something, one thing, beautiful
in my life
that is otherwise
so ugly
so full of hurt

No One Understands

Copyright Kyla

the pain
the hurt
no one understands
the lines
the cuts
straight and red
against my once was smooth skin
but not anymore
now the hurt shows
the blood
masking my real pain
the pain
that they still dont see
the pain
they cant understand


Copyright Kyla

all day
the hate surounds me
thoughts, speech, everything.
then through the pain one thing stands out
the knife
so sharp
running through my smooth skin
unquestionably doing only one thing
clearing my mind
for one instance
letting something, anything
through the unbearable wall
of the pain, and
the hate

Painful Lines

Copyright Kyla

the deep lines
so straight
so perfect
so real
they hurt so bad
but i bask in the pain
because the pain,
if even for only one fleeting moment
distracts me
from the much deeper pain
and the hate
that so unmercifully surrounds me


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