Copyright, Kiki

When i feel so angry
my first thought is
what if i wasnt here
would it be for the best
or would everyone actualy care

His screams send me to a place
within me when death
answers all conflict
Why must i feel this way?

Have you ever felt as if
even your closest friends
dont care for you.
as the blood drops
it mixes with the tears
and i wonder…
was this right?


Copyright, Kiki

have you ever felt
as though no one
loves you or cares for you
like you are mearly
an exibit for standerbys to laugh and look upon.

An act only works
on an audiance
But if the act dissapears
would the crowd realize
Or would they just move on
I feel like an exibit.

Well now the glass
will break and the act will escape
no more staring in at me
youve got to pay youre dues
for this exibit is gone.

dont become the act
yet become the audiance for it is much more fun
dont be the follower be yet of a leader.

If Only

Copyright, Kiki

why am I in this body
why does everyone hate me
only cause i am different
They stare and they laugh
because i act
like i want to and not like a doll
to have actions be decided for.

if only they knew
if only they understood
the pain they cause
if only i were someone else

Ive done nothing wrong
Ive got no reason to be hated on
So why am i always left out
why am i always the bad guy
when ive done nothing wrong

If only you knew
how strongly i feel
then i might have
someone on my side


Copyright, Kiki

Whats the point
Everyones talking about the meaning of life but why are we here
is there really a creator
Is there a god
Who made this life
or are we just here
Do we have a real pourpose
or do we make it as we go
what is life
Is there ever an end
or do we rot in the ground
do we go to that place
where the angels fly around
wouldnt it be so grand to fly up in the heavens
with our wings spread out we wouldnt worry about bein ahead
maybe life is just a mystery
a forever wondered thing
though its good dont let it pass you by
Dont let it soar up in the sky


Copyright, Kiki

Its hard to see
within me
for i can see
how you think about me
I do have feelings too
but you just crush me
your so untrue

the pain just builds up
I soon become ammune to it
but yet me and my feelings
are invisible to you
why must you be so untrue

You bump me in the hall
I say i am sorry
but you just yell at me
then walk on.
you leave me staring at you as you walk off
with your friends.


Copyright, Kiki

I see the future in your depth.
The future is dark and grim.
But no one cares,
Not like I need them anyways.

Steven’s variation of Drew a Picture on my Wrist

Copyright, Kiki

I drew a picture in my wrist, and watched my problems drip away.
I felt power rise within, come each & every passing day,
To die and live in death again
And punish those without a sin.


Copyright, Kiki

Sitting here
Waiting here
You said you’d come
But your still not here.

Why do you lie
Why don’t you show up
you said this you said that
But I just can’t to beleive
anything you say these days.

Im thinking I should let you free
But I’m rally scared,
Of what you may do to me.
How would you act
What would you say?
How will I feel?

For some reason
Im still sitting here
still waiting for you
I don’t see why I don’t
kick you out
yet it may be that I still want you
Reasons unknown I get up and walk off.


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