Copyright, Kelli

the blade was sharpened
the cut was clean
the blood flowed smoothly
it was all that could be seen
the slashes i made
spelled out a word
but it didn’t matter now
‘fore my heartbeat wouldn’t stir
the walls were stained
with sheets of red
and when you read my body
there is nothing to be said
it was love i had
but you took my joy away
because of you i sliced
and became what i am today
in my final few seconds
i screamed and cried for you
then i realized it was too late
there was nothing anybody could do
so when the death angel came
and said it was time for me to die
i pulled back the sheets
and hoped it would make you cry
so now here i lay
in my very own bed
surrounded by my pool of blood
and engraved is the word DEAD

Love Me

Copyright, Kelli

I cut myself because I wanted to be loved
I was never good enough for anybody
My blood spilling out everywhere was my escape
The pain from not being loved was replaced by the pain from the blade
Soon I couldn’t stop cutting myself
Soon I didn’t just want to be loved anymore
I wanted to be loved by you
But you had her
She’s the bitch I sliced myself for
Now you love me
But now I don’t want you to love me
Now I don’t want anybody to love me
Nobody does anymore
I don’t even love me
Now — I’m ready to die
This stupid bitch — ME — I am why I cut myself
One of these days I will just end everything
Then there will be no more me to love

My Joy

Copyright, Kelli

the bitter pain sweeps my body
the sweetness paralyzes my mind
with the thought of my blood spilling out
my eyes roll back and my teeth start to grind

the blade between my fingers
sharp without a stain
my sweet blood covers all
but my body doesn’t feel the pain

the slicing of flesh
the killing of life
the power i have
when im holding this knife

the flutter of eyes
the twitching of skin
the feeling that becomes
when death starts to sink in


Copyright, Kelli

my head is clouded
im not thinking straight
my fingers are shaking
im going irate
my wishful mind
wants myself dead
now im slicing my wrist
on my blood soaked bed
my fingers claw away
at the air so frail
theres nothing to hold on to
my lifes a fail
coldnes sinks in
and my bones are chilled
death has become of me
and my heartbeat is stilled.


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