Let’s Let it Be

Copyright, Kacie

Why is everything so bad?
Is there a day when im never sad?
I sit here and ask myself why
But all I come up with is a sigh
My life is so low
What is there to live for?
I have no one to adore
Could my life be any more of a bore?
Where black and gray’s tha only color
I might as well do myself a favor
And end my life with a razor
Where ill perfectly bleed crimson red
In tha safety of my own bed
Give me happiness
Give my bliss
Give me a purpose
Give me a kiss
When u broke my heart and made that big mess
Did u really think I was going to cry?
When u didn’t mean those 3 words
I wished that u would die
Ur tha angel of darkness
And tha darkness is where I wanna be
But u never gave me tha chance to show u what is really me
Ur tha god from hell
Tha devil from heaven
Tha love in hate
Tha sober in drunk
Ur tha fire in my heart
That makes tha steam
And ur tha person that turned my heart into cold, black and pain
And tha words u say and tha things u do
Make me wanna scream
I take my time
I hurry up
I clean tha mess
That u never cleaned up
Im over u
Ur over me
So that’s that
Lets let it be…


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