Bright. Red. Scream.

Copyright, Kelz

Wrists are open,
  Bleeding freely.
  Arms are raw,
Blood all over.
Those pictures, words,
  They tell your story.
  Nails are broken,
Break the skin.
Pain will keep,
  The soul a-blaze.
  Watch it break,
Your flesh apart.
Torn apart,
  Your tatterter, broken.
Bright. Red. Scream.

Strawberry Gashes

Copyright, Kelz

282 strawberry gashes
282 lies
282 pains I can’t take
And so many reasons to die.

282 shades of dark red
282 sighs
282 ways to give up
And still so many reasons to die.

282 storybook endings
For 282 scars.
282 forced and strained smiles.
For a death that just isn’t to far.

282 apologies to give you
282 hearts turned to ashes.
282 ways to say sorry.
For 282 strawberry gashes.


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