A Dark Night and a Prayer

Copyright, Kidz

Where are those doomed to die?
those who have not been faithful to the Most High —
We grovel in the dark in search of Him — but He is not around — all we see is our sin —

what kind of God is this I cry?
but there is no answer from the sky

my heart is in pieces that I can not mend and I have become disillusioned looking for Him. I wait, I cry I give up hope — Prove me wrong in my unholy gloat!

There is nothing left in me worthy of God — How can I recieve His kind of Love? I want to, I long to, my heart does thirst, but I’ve come up empty in this holy search.

So where do I turn? One may ask. Back to the darkness of my past? A place of denial would be dandy too…. but I can not go back there its not my rule.

I am stuck in this place — the place in-between. where my heart is crushed — darkness looming near me.

How can I hang on Lord? Where can you be? Don’t you hear my heart screaming for Thee?

What is this life you give to me? A life in darkness longing for thee? This isn’t the life I’d thought You’d give — I see no future or hope to live.

I want to die and go away
makes no sense why I should stay? What am I good for? I can not see — Don’t you even care for me?

I am in this place
blind, hurting and torn
I want to give up — put cuts on my arm.

Yet even in despair — I turn back to Thee —
Please hear me as I seek you so desperately.
Even though broken — my heart doth look up —
so please take my hand and pick me up.


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