Kat Kuts

Childrens Psychiatric Ward

Copyright, Kat Kuts

Sophomore year I went to the nurse with my arms gushing blood
It wasn’t the first time the nurses saw the dark red flood
They wrapped my arms and called my mother
I knew this time was worse than every other

That same day in eighth period I was taken out of class
Then more people started to harass
I went to the office and met with the principal and other people of importance
As soon as I walked in I was given a sympathetic glance

They searched my bag for sharp objects but none where there
I was really nervous and almost cried as I sat waiting in that chair
When my mom arrived they suggested I go to the hospital to get the help that I needed
I wanted to run away as their discussion proceeded

That very night I was in the hospital for hours on end
I was hoping this day was just pretend
But it wasn’t my imagination
When they upped my medication

I was in the psychiatric ward for about a week
At this time most people considered me to be a freak
While I was there I realized how many people are like me
From seniors in high school to little children in grade three

I never really thought I’d ever see little kids with such depressing minds
Everyone had personal problems of all different kinds
That week made me think of how good I really have it
And ever since then my wrists have not been slit

Razors Edge

Copyright, Kat Kuts

Carving things into my skin
I hardly think that it’s a sin
The razors edge against my wrist
I know I shouldn’t but can’t resist
Crimson drops flowing from the vein
Emotions numb, there is no pain

Self Mutilations

Copyright, Kat Kuts

I didn’t fall off my bike or try to climb a tree
that’s not what happened to me
these scars are the pain being released from inside
attacking myself every time I cried
on all kinds of medications
all because of these self mutilations
no one understands me they just stare and make a face
I’m trying to end this but at my own pace
its gonna take some time for me to stop
waiting until I can just let the razor drop


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