The Cuts

Copyright Kinsey

I cut so that people can’t see
The pain that runs inside of me
The pain runs deep beneeth my skin
It seems like I can never win

People talk like I’m not there
But then they’ll act like they care
But I don’t fall into their stupid skeem
So I bite my tongue so I don’t scream

Cutting is just my numbing pain
It makes me feel like I’ve had novicane
Little, big, they differ in size
After I’m done, I don’t feel to wise

It hurts at first, but it soon leaves
For pain inside it soon relieves
The pain is gone for only a short time
But the feeling I get, makes me feel so high


Copyright Kinsey

She cries at night
When she’s at home
Out of sight
And all alone

No one’s there
To dry her tears
No one to care
About her fears

Her wrists are scarred
From her feeling of dispare
Her stomach is starved
Because she just don’t care

She lies in bed
Awake all night
Clearing her head
To make things right

She just can’t do it
It’s just too tough
To forget this shit
She’s had enough

Her days are getting longer
And she don’t know why
Her classes are harder
She’s back to being shy

She don’t want people to know
About what she does
She don’t want people to show
That they hear cuss

She wants to be alone
All the time
She never goes home
She feels like slime


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