Copyright, Kiera

I’ve come a long way
My friends don’t really know
They don’t quite know how much I’ve grown
They’ve been there for me,
That much is true
I realize how much they love me to
I realize now
That when I fall down,
In times of need
When I’m hurt and I’ve fallen on my knees
When I’m ready to brandish a knife
My friends are there to save my life
My friends will always be there
My Logan
My Brad
My Courtney


Copyright, Kiera

Thoughts of you
And thoughts of me
Sometimes make me want to scream
You make me want to rip out my hair,
Yell and throw things everywhere
I used to stay up on sleepless nights
Listen to music, turn on lights
Dream of you
You and me
The only thing I want to do
Is just stop being with you
So, I’ll never have to hear you say,
“I Love You.”
I don’t want to know
Weather you love me or not
I’ll never believe you,
Never want you again
So, just go away, and find a new friend
I say goodbye to you
And you to me
Finally, I don’t want to scream


Copyright, Kiera

Thoughts that keep me sane
What you say you have
Is a loving and caring relationship for me
What you say is, isn’t
What I get from you,
Is nothing but anger and pain
Sometimes, you make me want to go insane
Your constant demands, your hurtful words,
Don’t you understand? They hurt, they burn
Not loving nor caring,
Not trusting nor lusting
Your so called, “Love” is bleeding me lifeless
Why can’t you go?
Find somene else to kiss?
Leave me here with a river of tears
Thoughts of pain, thoughts of gain
Thoughts that keep me sane.

I Wish You’d Come Home

Copyright, Kiera

Here I am all alone
Here I am staring at the phone
I really wish you’d come home
I wish you’d give me a call
Here I lie the knife in hand
I want to end it, I have the chance
Once I slash for all you’ve done
Twice I slash, because you refuse to come
Deeper and deeper
Watch me bleed
This I need
You I need, watch me plead
Please come home, you’re tearing me apart
Bordem strikes me once again, oh I wish I had a friend
Please help me
I wish I was dead
Here I am all alone
Here I am staring at the phone
I really wish you’d come home, that you’d call
I lie here the knife in hand
I have the chance
I want to end it so, I do
I cut deep into the vein because I miss you
I watch the blood, everything goes numb
My eyes, they slowly close as I hope
I hope that you’ll find me
Find me in the puddle of blood that is my love for you
Here I lie all alone
Here I lie next to the phone
I really wish you’d come home and find me
I’ll miss your calls, each and every one
I lie here drowning in my love for you
I lie here, blood goes down my arm
I wish you’d come home.


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