Copyright Kali

My blood runs free
it crys my tears of pain
washing away my sorrow
drenched in a cool heavy rain

i cower from the world
and its many evil stares
openly consumed
in a heavy blanket of despair

the questions swirl in my head
about things i don’t understand
the life drains from my body
my hourglass has run out of sand

the rain falls down
washing away my soal
sinking into the ground
into a dark deep hole

i belong to thw wind
and whatever it feels i must endure
all due to the sins
of a life that was once so pure


the blood washes off of my wrists
an expression of my pain
seeping into the ground
erased in a cleansing rain

These words burn my lips
i wish that you could see
help me with this problem
instead of letting me be

the razor begins to tremble
the notes are writin out
the metel cools my skin
as my mind swirls in doubt

i’m looking down at the funeral no
at the many tears being sheed
i wonder what would have happened
if a better life i had lead


Copyright, Kali

On Death’s doorstep she meanders; a helpless child caught in the wave of a life gone wrong. No stranger to suffering. Waiting to die.

Relentless rage; transferred through her busy hands, carefully playing with a thick loop of blue cord. Deadly, powerful and full of torment’s might. She wanders dangerously close to an unstable edge. Final escape.

Knot thick around her neck, silent tears fall to the unforgiving floor. Tightening, suffocating. She waits, thoughts racing through a wounded mind, her consciousness collapsing. Gazing at smudgy patterns on a tiled floor. The last thing she’ll see.

Head pounding, dizziness swift. Blackness caves in around a fragile heart. Can’t breathe, chest tears with the burning need for life. Rope digging into the skin layers of her throat. Blurry, distancing. Nothing romantic about this death.

Blood pounds as her panic rises; but she’ll hold on. Ride out the pain, embrace the storm. For after this, she’ll have crossed that line. Hold on, the darkness is near. One more second.

Frightening, silencing. How her heart burns with longing for this day. Body numb; she no longer finds the ability to move. Circulation fails, dimness closes in…

Long for freedom.
Darkness is kind.
But only a way to leave this world behind.


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