Kayla A


Copyright Kayla A

Sharp as steel
painful as a bullet
but the glass and the razors
all cut through it
my parents ask why
as they break down and cry
I say it doesn’t hurt
It’s the inside that does
it’s nothing to worry about
no need to pout
no need to shout
it’s whats inside of me that counts


Copyright Kayla A

the cuts on my arms
are to help the pain
the cuts on my arms
are from the shame
the fear I hide
deep inside
as deep as my pain
as deep as I hide
hide from me
hide from you
you say don’t mess with me
your going to loose
I’m crying on the inside
I’m dying on the out side
I’m loosing my life you are so much older
my experiences more than you age
if you don’t believe
me just read this page
I’m expressing my self
more than I ever have
what if you where an experiment
of what it is like to cut
maybe if you new you would
stab you in the gut
then you’d be dead
and I’d be the one lying awake at night
in my bed

to this addiction
they call cutting
and all this bottled up pain
is now currupting

what would you do
what if you where me losing control frustrated and confused
they don’t understand,
I know how you feel
this pain so real
the concelers say this is such a big deal
if you where not a counceler
just some one I knew
what would you think

what if you where me
and your life wasn’t so dull
what if you where me loosing control


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