No One Understands

Copyright, Kimmie

No one understands her.
She’s alone.
She hates the quiet.
Yet no one cares.

She goes to school the next day,
wearing a long sleeved shirt to
hide the scars on her arms.
The self-inflicted cuts that take
away her pain.
No one knows.
She cannot tell them.
They wouldn’t understand.
They wouldn’t help.

She talks to her friends,
she goes to the mall,
and at the same time
she hides her secret
from them all.
She doesn’t know they go
through the same thing she does.
She wouldn’t understand.
Wouldn’t understand how
someone else could feel so hurt
and lost as she did.

Now she set alone in her room.
The lights out, a knife in hand.
Cold sharpness brought
across her soft flesh.
Pressing down and slicing
through the surface.
Crimson liquid rises.
God, why couldn’t she stop?
She couldn’t stop.
She wouldn’t stop.
She had to stop.

A gun shot is heard through out the small house.
Mom rushes to her daughter’s rescue.
There is no daughter.
There is only a corpse.
Pieces of shattered skull
decorating the blood-soaked bed.

There set her daughter,
gun in hand,
cuts on her arms.

And she didn’t understand.


Copyright, Kimmie

The noise will wake you from your grave again.
You’ll walk without me until the very end.
I said I loved you , but that was not enough.
You wanted everything that you couldn’t touch.
So you reached deep inside of me and took my heart and soul.
Now basking in your memory makes my thoughts grow cold.
You left a stain, a taint on me.
You left a sad smile where you ought to be.
I wish you could be more like a scar, a pain that is gone and is only a fading memory.


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