Hi, my name is Krys. I’m 13 years old. A lot of people do not understand me and why I SI, but that’s ok. I started cutting a few years ago. I write poems if I’m not able to cut, like if my parents or family are around. I just thought I should share some of my poems with you guys. I think they aren’t the best, but people tell me I’m talented. Thank you for having this website up, it shows others that SI’ers aren’t “abnormal”, and that there are quite a few of us out there.

The first poem is called “Die”, I wrote it after my girlfriend broke up with me. The second poem is about people not understanding me. I hope you enjoy them.

Krys sent me the following update:

I haven’t talked to you guys in a while! I’m doing a lot better. I’ve stopped cutting for six months now. I still want to though, it’s like there’s something inside me that’s taking over my body. I tell everyone about your website, I think it’s a good resource. My new girlfriend kind of helped me get through this, but she doesn’t know that. I think if your SI hasn’t gotten to that stage where it’s deep and bloody and you’re risking your life then you can stop. It will take a while. I’m still fighting it, but I know I will stop someday. What helped me was that I had a person to talk to about anything… my girlfriend Megan. I started writing poetry… and I realized that I’m talented so I continued and focused on that. All you guys out there reading this: take care! If anyone would like to e-mail me, they can.


Copyright, Krys

Love to hate
fucking bitch
I hate you

Burn in Hell
You deserve it
Can’t stand you
Fucking asshole

You left me
You’re gonna regret it
you’re missin’ me now
‘cause I’m the best
lover you’re never gonna have

Whore! Don’t miss me now
Don’t think I’m gonna
Give you another chance
Don’t try to act tough
You’re not follin’ me
I was too fucking nice!

Now I want to kill you!
Choke you!
I hope you bleed tonight!


Copyright, Krys

When I cry at night
Wishing I was gone
I think of you
Do you care
if I take my life away?
You fucking treat me like SHIT
DEEP into my flesh
Watching the crimson blood
flow out of my arms
onto the pale tile
of the bathroom floor
Still thinking of you
Washing the pain away
with my blood stained tears
I feel better now
Without you
in Hell


Copyright, Krys

…As tears fall
My lonely soul
Is crying for you
To rescue me
From this corrupt mind
I’ve been given
By the devil within

It plagues me
To the point where
I find myself locked,
In a cold, dark room
Eerie are the sounds I hear
Blades among me

Dare to touch
Tempting to lift
Stab my chest
Again and again
To consume
My hunger
For the crimson pain
I long to sense

Destroy my sin
Gently I rest my eyes
Allow your intoxicating charm
To drift me away
From my suffering


Copyright, Krys

Your body is filled
With fake smiles
Fake laughs
You scream
to your inner being
That you get pleasure from
The torture
The Devil brings to you
As you smash the glass walls
Enclosing around you
Traumatized, shattered,
Are your eyes as you painfully gape
Into the mind and body
of the immortal evil nothingness
He is who shaped
your soul
and filthy horrid mind


Copyright, Krys

Demons lurking the world beneath
frightening is the sight
of the horror
Satan has brought to you
Dare to see
blood drenched knives lay close by

temptation over rides me
at last I
slit my wrists
stab people constantly

revealing her true self
to her victims
she screams to convince
the being within her
to come out
release all her pain
a sinner she will be


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