Copyright, Kirsty

the seed of anger has been sown
into my mind, and whilst alone,
i remanice upon my deeds,
and cry forlorn, whilst anger bleeds.

an empty void, a cheerless hole
is seeping slowly through my soul.
magnifie, the anger drips
from vacen eyes, through screaming lips.

he was my truth, my heart, my goal,
a loyal friend who made me whole.
thats shattered now. she laughs to see
my lone existance. why choose me?

Words too hollow to dismiss
the deamons that are cuasing this.
angry thoughts around my head
be free, at peace, at last. HATE FLED

silence now. hush, be still,
the voices dimmed, shut out until
all anger’s ceased, all hatreds gone.
PEACE AT LAST. the blood drips on.


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