Copyright Kathy Barton

A little girl so sweet and shy
a trusted uncle made her cry
from ages six until twelve years old
“its our secret” he said — she never told

Growing up feeling empty and lost
did he know how much it would cost?
No! he didn’t care about the child standing there
dealing with selfhatred — drowning in tears

He just cared about his sexual needs
and now she stands here — needing to bleed
taking a razor — being precise
cutting her arm… slice after slice

Feelings of anger and love betrayed
for years she kept quiet & always obeyed
until she could keep it no longer inside
too much pain — I just wanna die

How could he do that to a child
messing up her head — innocents defiled
it’s just too hard — day after day
so this what I need to say

Take a knife — cut it deep
drops of blood before I sleep
if i die before i wake
life was to cruel to take

There’s alot of us out here — you see
abused & broken, needing to be free
we are scarred, afraid, need some care
looking for help — is anyone there?

Dont look at us in discust
a non-judgemental attitude is a must
remember we are still lost children inside
running from the pain we try to hide


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