Copyright, Kaitlin

I lie in my bed,
wishing I was dead,
Thinking of what you said,
it stays in my head.

I feel like I am being torn,
ripped appart and reborn.
Into something I dont want to be,
into something I really shouldn’t see.

I feel like ive been locked up,
locked up and currupt.
Like I cant break this spell,
this spell from hell.

I cut the skin to the bone,
while I am talking to you on the phone.
Thinking of your touch,
it all seems like too much.

I feel like I am comming undone,
like I cant take this pain it weighs a ton.
Theres nothing left to feel,
and these scars wont heal.


Copyright, Kaitlin

I feel like I need to get away, so so far away. Away from this life, away from this knife. I need to stop making myself need, need to bleed. Every time I cut myself on my arm, it feels so good almost like I am collecting charms. The charms are scars the scars are pain. Pain I feel inside hiding, pain I feel inside biting. It’s ripping me apart, turning me into a freak of art. I am learning more about this illness, this illness of blindness, I am feeling sicker and sicker, weaker and weaker. I think I need help, help from anyone. Or could it be, help from me?


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