Keota Deon Picou

Darkness Fall

Copyright, Keota Deon Picou

very few sun rays my mind recalls
i can feel my soul as it falls
day after day as I tread in the dark forest
sensing other beings at their lowest
fog and glooming spirits surround my fragile heart
as I search for bound love where thou art
fearing and crying
bleeding and dieing
fighting this battle alone
each bitting my flesh leaving little for my journey
so much hurt bestowed upon me
battle field is becoming more stormy
there is no light here
not here at all
here it is
darkness falls

Satan Kissed Me

Copyright, Keota Deon Picou

I was once a cutter. And I realized I was too strong to let my anger and depression and rage and sadness and fatigue and worry and emotionless emptyness and confusion and coldness etc. get to me. So I wrote this poem about how I used to feel about cutting.

satan kissed me
he wrapped me in his arms of terror
he gentally rubbed my skin with his
fingers of pain
he licked me from top to bottom
his tongue filled with fire
he nibbled on my ear
and blew in my fearful screams
he mated with my soul oh how good it felt
no one has ever hugged me before
i never received attention of this kind
he controlled my spine as I begged for more
i was impregnated I gave birth to a soul
a demon who was a self mutilator
i raised this soul within a year
its grown now and controlls me and takes away my fear
i love my caring dear
what a wonderful child satan and I conceived
so thoughtful and caring sometimes I dont want it to leave


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