Copyright, Kim

Crawling beneath my skin is the saddness and the forgotten promises.
So i use the razor to get rid of it all.
Jump up and down anything to kill the pain that you’ve inflicated.
Memories that used to make me smile only drive me closer to the edge.
Once so long ago it seems i could laugh now it’s a hollow reminder of my pain.
Can you hear it?
The sound of a blade against my skin.
Don’t stop me not that you will try.
But don’t let me die save me at the last moment like you always do.
I’m not trying to hurt anyone but myself.
Don’t think it will go back to the way it was.
The fakeness i can’t handle.
Let me live in my reality.
So i can kill you away.


Copyright, Kim

My best friend takes the pain away. Makes me feel safe. No one understands my best friend. Everyone hates my best friend… My best friend is a knife.

My Pain

Copyright, Kim

You said you would always be there for me
There was nothing you wouldn’t do
i believed everything you told me
I thought what you said was true

I gave my heart away
And now I want it back
But the things that you did to me
Have turned my heart to black

How can I trust anyone
When I couldn’t trust my first love
The only one I can trust
Is my Heavenly Father above

The pain you’ve caused me is unbearable
All these memories I have inside
Sometimes I cut deep into myself
Just to know I’m alive

The crimson river running down my arm
Takes away the internal pain
All I can feel is the sharp blade
Cutting into my skin again and again

I want back my soul
I want back my heart
I wish I could reach into you
And tear you apart

I want back my innocence
I want back my youth
But the lies that you told me
Have destroyed my truth

When someone tells me they love me
Do they mean what they’ve said?
Or are they telling me lies
Just so they can play with my head

I can’t stand to be touched
All I see is you
You borke my bones
And my heart and soul are bruised

You killed my trust in people
And I hate you for that, Max
Just remember payback’s a bitch
So you better watch your back


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