Copyright, Kaleena

Painful Reality

Tired days and sleepless nights
Getting into endless fights
Regret is all that comes with gain
Escape reality with new pain
A razor in my top desk draw
No clutter on my bedroom floor
I dreamed of being a smaller size
Loosing was the greatest prize
Struggling to smile each day
Pain and sadness wont go away
Heart so cold it feel like ice
Finding a new place to slice
Downing pills five at a time
No tears appear and I feel fine

Scared to Death

No words for what is wrong with me
Self hatred is all I see
Living in a confused daze
Wishing it is all a phase
I see I cause your heart’s torment
But know remorse is evident
Relief brought by a tiny drop
Allows an ounce of pain to stop
One escape, one way out
The more it hurts the less I shout
Afraid to live so take the pills
Deep within a void it fills


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