Copyright, Sadie

Sing the words and give them life,
Put and end to all your strife.
Make the pain and weakness real,
Show yourself and how you feel.
Take a breath and let it free,
Don’t just let the madness be.
Drag the blade — just cry out,
Watch the blood and think about
All the times you held your pride,
All the times you wish you’d died.
All the strength that others see,
When in your heart you wish to flee.
Let the fear and hoplessness
Have a place in all this mess.
Stop trying to be a man,
For just a minute, take my hand.
You know that you are safe with me,
And can be for eternity.
I’ll show you just what letting go
Can do for such a longing soul.
I promise you, I’ll do my best.
You’ll get to have your needed rest.
You’ll never have to be so strong,
Just show the weakness- it’s not wrong.
So come to me and go to sleep,
Gathered in my arms, so warm and deep.
And fall into the empty hole,
The one that’s always been your goal.
I promise you are welcome here,
I fall in love with all who near.
Listen to my sweet lullaby,
For I am Death, say your goodbyes…


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