Copyright Sessaharu

No one’s listening,
No one sees,
Me slowly dying from disease,
My heart won’t beat,
It’s hard to breathe,
I act okay I’m so afraid,
No one can tell me what’s wrong they say
i’m fine, It’ll just pass by,
and leave me here to live my life, but it seems to me,
something’s wrong, almost like my time has come,
Sometimes i want to end this pain in heaven everything’s okay,
one of these days i won’t wake up, and in the ground i will
be dumped, Or maybe i will go to hell but for what I’ve thought
i might as well,
It seems to me i might be sane, but i still must live my life in pain,
My stories ended, I’ve now moved on,
I used a gun, believe me when i say it wasn’t much fun,
The worms eat away and here i now stay,
Sleeping away another day,
And here i wait to hear my name, the waiting list is just to long,
but it probably won’t take long,
I think i’ve been good and i hope heaven will too,
so i take my chance,
But then Satan grabs my hand,
and now i wish i didn’t grab that gun,
i want my life back,
for living in hell is not much fun.


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