Love Myself At All?

Copyright Seamus

I kept my razor with me
wherever i have went
in case i need a release
unto myself i can only vent.

i was afraid to show my grief
afraid all along i’d be wrong
that no one really cared much
i was afraid of trying to be strong.

i’d like to remove all of my scars
in case you see the hurting me
but even then you’d never understand
how dreadful this silence can be.

so instead of opening up my heart
I cut my body deep and fast
please understand making scars didn’t hurt
as does the now and also my past.

now my body is ugly and scarred
i feel great, scared and alone
and if you can’t stand me,what you see
it’s already happening veins being slown.

I have to save my razor though
grasped in trembling hand
I have to keep it nearby
case you tell me what you think i am.

so stay with me my friend my razor
and thanks for being my one true
but please let me keep my sanity
until i love me true.


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