Shannon W

I Feel Nothing

Copyright, Shannon W

Shards of glass fall, and pierce my eyes.
The blood spills to the ground
as they attack from all around.
There is no getting away,
but I’ll pretend everything is okay.
no one cares, and I feel nothing.

I’m told it’s only in my mind.
Though I am not terrified,
I feel them watching me,
waiting for me.
No one believes me, and I feel nothing.

They wait for me to slip away,
but I keep holding on through another day.
waiting for them to give up and go away.
They tore my eyes out and I feel nothing.

There is no turning back now.
I don’t know how.
I don’t know how to make them disappear.
I can’t stay here.
They fallow everywhere,
with their cold dark stares.
I don’t care cause I feel nothing.

Cold and darkness surrounds me.
No one is there to help me.
numbness consumes me, and I feel nothing.


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