Ode to My Pain

Copyright, Stitches

White marks, slit veins
Too tempting
To turn away
Blood streams down my arms
Etching into the words formed by scars

You cry, I sigh
This is getting nowhere
Your voice echoes loud
Inside my head, theres no way out
You scream at me and
Out loud you wonder why
What’s on your fuckin arm
I told you the word is “Suicide”

An ode to my pain
The pills make the world fade
The words tumble from my lips
But theres no one around to hear it
My life a crying shame
An ode to my pain

Frustration builds up in me
I grab up the riged blade
I hear the voices in my head
Encouraging me to break the vein
Hands gripped, I shiver
As the blood flows in a mortal river
I can see you crying now
Don’t be sad, all I wanted was out


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