Sorry I Love You

Saying Goodbye

Copyright, Sorry I Love You

Stop the madness
It is out of control
Death brings on sadness
Hate has taken its toll
The blood falls down
Into the carpet it sinks
Unable to frown
Unable to think
The scars run deep
In the skin that she bares
They are covered up
By the sleeves that she wears
She doesn’t know
What she means to me
Even though the love may not show
As I fall down on one knee
Tears ease down my face
As she is lowered into the ground
Time cannot turn back
For in her coffin she is bound
She should ve thought about her future
And what lies ahead
She should ve thought about her friends
How they feel now that she is dead
Why did she want to leave them
In a world full of pain
What was there for her to gain
What was she running from
What was she running to
Even though we’ll never know
My friend, I’ll always remember you

Dead Girl

Copyright, Sorry I Love You

Alone in a world
Full of anger and hate
There once lived a girl
Who decided her fate
She couldn’t take it anymore
And she longed to die
Tired of feeling sore
Tired of being alive
Look at what you all have done
To this body full of regret
All you did was laugh and make fun
As she hid in the silhouette
But she doesn’t hide any longer
And I hope you all can see
It may make you feel stronger
But this girl was once me

One Last Goodbye

Copyright, Sorry I Love You

He sits trapped alone in his head
With anger held tightly around his heart
He sits will all this thoughts of dread
He wishes this wouldn’t have to start
But he has made up his mind
He takes a deep breath and lets out a sigh
He thinks of all those he will leave behind
But now the deed is done; he has said goodbye


Copyright, Sorry I Love You

I think about you all the time and your vague memory wont get out of my mind
You are in my thoughts and in my dreams I just can’t seem to leave you behind
In my mind as I fall asleep; Nightmares in my head all through the night
Just knowing I cannot have you, makes me hold my razor tight
I wanted us to be together more than you will ever know
But I fucked that all up and now our love has lost its glow
Now I have no hand to hold as the cold world falls apart
But you will never know how much I miss you or how broken you’ve left my heart


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