Dead Inside

Copyright, Sammy


Am I invisible, it seems that way
Or is it no one cares.
No one seems to know or feel my pain.
Maybe it’s because I don’t want help.

Here I sit in my room quietly so perfect.
Ha my room where so many tears have been shed.
So much blood shed.
I feel like I am not in control anymore.

It is like I cannot feel anymore.
How do you smile I have forgot.
Everyday is so painful to live.
I hope I won’t wake up one day.

Can’t I just end my misery?
I find no point in living anymore.
Let me be alone, No one cares.
Why do I bother?

My only friend left.
Lies there covered in my blood.
Sharp and strong
Never lets me down like other friends.

Is this what I have reduced myself to?
Considering a razor blade my friend.
No one will understand the relief I get from cutting.
The rush I get as the blood runs down my arms.

The rest of me is numb.
This is the only way I can feel real again.
The razor lies there wanting to be dragged across my body.
My body itches to be cut.

How can I stop these urges?
I pick up the razor, old blood clings to the edge.
I feel numb again, the voice in my head screams at me.
Here we go again.


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