My poem about me being a self injurer and my best friend just dying a week ago by a heroin overdose which affected me and during all that my parents found out that I cut myself and started sending me to a psychatrist, which makes me wanna die even more.

My Life

Copyright, Shannen

My life every waking day
Is a wide awake nightmare
Locked in my jail cell
Waiting to be let free
By the key
Which only you have
But you are gone
God took you too soon
The only way to set me free
Is let me be
Who i wanna be
But that won’t happen
Because self mutulation is wrong
So i’ll only be free
Only after what i do is wrong
I wanna live but not in this agony
So in fact
I’ll die in my pain
Just so you can set me free
And let me be
Who i wanna be
Up in heaven
With wings on my back
I’ll be with you
And so in fact
I’ll be happy and free
And with you is where i want to be


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