Copyright, Sophie

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it
If it’s worth the Struggle
The Pain
The Defeat
If were here for a reason
For a purpose
That’s is what I need
Justification of my life
My soul
My body
Not my own
It is the creators
He has made me and I shall take myself back
Back to him
Gone from this place
This wasteland of flesh
And blood and bone
All gone
With one simple move
And I make it.

Cold Metal

Copyright, Sophie

So long since i last felt cold metal against my skin
In this world where it seems I’ll never will win
If I draw a blade, the ace of spade
A losing card seems my fate
The crimson regret
I’m starting to forget
Cold metal against my skin
I’ll close my eyes and never return
If i can once more feel the blades burn
All my anger and pain
It still remains
As the bottle is shaken
The pain is awakened
And once more I bleed
Pain as my plead.


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